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-Fashion Police: TZ is totally into the fashions and will shoot you down if you try to be fashionable but utterly fail. Also she tries to correct things with her own d
--Sweet Shades: She keeps her Redglare Shades not to hide her blind eyes(because she isn't blind) but because they hella' cool
--Fashionista Mates: She enjoys making nifty design patterns on all sorts of stuffed animals, and collabs with Kanaya on scalemates. Her favorite is a tiger print Scale Mate, though it's yet to be named.
--Favorite color: Red. She fucking loves Red. Who knows why.
--The single weakness: She cannot draw for shit, so her pre-sketches are kinda' iffy. Although she seems pretty competent when using chalk to design on the fabric.

-RP: she dabbles in a bit of it, live action with her plushies and sometimes over IM with Nepeta.
--The Accident: After a horrible accident in an Extreme RP session with Vriska, Terezi needed to get a prosthetic leg, although it isn't quite as mobile as she'd like. This provides her with a need to use a cane at times, and her strife specibus being set to CaneKind.

-Rainbow Drinkers: Terezi is entertained and slightly into a certain genre of Rainbow Drinker, however she does not have any romantic obsession with it. This is still foreshadowing to her own vampireness.
--FLARP/Ancestor: It was rumored her ancestor and RP inspiration was supposedly a Rainbow Drinker, thus giving her power and influence over those she faced. This made your character less than liked amongst some of your RP crowd, but well that's their problem. After the accident she started to read bad drinker fiction for shits and giggles.
--Sweet Troll and Hella Vamp: I do not need to explain this, lets just say gog cannot save you.

-Relationships: She is still bffsies but not moirails with Nepeta. Still has an issue against Vriska. She's also pretty good pals with Kanaya.
--Red Rom?: She has complicated feels for Karkat, but has yet to do anything beyond annoy!flirt at him because of what a "BLUH BLUH EMPORER BITCHY PANTS" he is.


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